Assembly / Conference Keynote

Stretch Yourself: Assembly/Conference Keynote

Stretch Yourself is a fast-paced presentation that gets the audience involved. Everyone has the ability to “stretch” to a new level.
Stretch Yourself looks at three important qualities teens can adopt:


Turning set-backs into come backs by “re-siliencing” the voice of doubt.


Understanding people are inherently different. Thank goodness! Becoming more accepting of others means respecting differences.


Taking responsibility a critical component of a great life. The responsibility component inspires students to positively deal with mistakes and own their life decisions.

The length and content of Stretch Yourself will vary depending on the audience. Stretch Yourself is an excellent keynote address for a leadership conference.

The content, stories, and main points can be tailored to fit the audience and conference theme.

Dan SmithDan SmithTeacher Clarion Goldfield Middle School Clarion IA
“My 8th graders could not get out of my classroom early enough to get down to his break out session. Some were literally running down the hall. I saw students laugh and get engaged that generally don't. Students commented they thought the assembly was way better than they would have expected. The energy Craig brings is contagious.
I have seen Craig at least three times and it never gets old. He brings "life" to the students and to the faculty. He is a definite change in the radio station that makes me reflect on who I am and what I can do to be a better person or a better teacher."