Craig’s New Book

Push the Sled

By DJ Hillier & Craig Hillier

Jackson Piece went from hero to zero in four seconds. Despite an amazing performance against the cross-town rival, he could not get past the last play that ended the season, one game short of the playoffs.

Jess Whitlock was hired to improve the culture and mindset at Pine Lake High School. Too often, teams and individuals would start strong, then fall apart when adversity or the pressure of the playoffs hit. Coach Whitlock, and her father, plan to use their experience as former Olympic bobsledders to bring fresh energy to the summer strength program. The new “Push the Sled” approach will include weighted sled workouts which are proven to help athletes in all sports get stronger.

A strong physical game is not enough. It also takes a strong mental game to compete. Unfortunately, the specifics on how to develop a strong mental game are rarely addressed. That would change, as the new training program challenged athletes to “Push the Sled” physically and mentally. By applying 7 Tactical Skills and practicing 12 Mental Drills, athletes at all levels would view adversity as their advantage and see pressure as a privilege.

Dive into this fast-paced compelling story that’s filled with practical strategies to build an elevated mindset and amplify performance in any sport!


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