Craig’s New Book

Take the guesswork out of developing team leaders and captains!

High School Sports Leader — Coaching Team Leaders and Captains to a Season of Significance, is the ultimate handbook for team leaders and captains. Written by Craig Hillier, national recognized motivational youth speaker and leadership workshop trainer, the 315-page manual is packed with powerful ideas and practical strategies that can be used immediately.

We can’t expect students to lead their team to a season of significance without the proper training. The new book helps athletic directors and coaches confident, competent leaders.


Three Sections = Comprehensive Training

Section One: Team Leaders.

This section is for team leaders who may not be team captains. Topics include:

  • Emerging as a Leader
  • Creating Team Chemistry
  • Understanding Personality Styles
  • Visualizing Results
  • Refusing Drugs and Alcohol
  • Avoiding the Hazards of Hazing
  • Managing Social Media

Section Two: Team Captains.

This section is for athletes who have been either elected team captain or are being considered for the role of team captain. Sample topics include:

  • Debunking the Myths of Being a Team Captain
  • Shifting into the Team Captain Role
  • Cultivating the Captain-to-Coach Relationship
  • Working with Officials
  • Leaving a Legacy

“High School Sports Leader is the perfect companion text for our school’s Captains’ Clinic program. Craig’s topics and writing style capture students’ attention from the outset and hold their interests throughout. It is simultaneously a quick read and an in-depth analysis of the necessary focus points forstudent leadership. Having used Craig’s other books and materials, this new book synthesizes everything into the ideal format.”

Michael Duffy

  • Athletic Director Howard
  • High School Elliot City MD

A must-read for Team Leaders, Captains, and their Coaches.

Section Three: Extra Steps. This section includes
a removable Certification Packet. Students complete review exercises based on each chapter’s key points. The perforated pages can easily be removed for a coach or athletic director to review. This process verifies students have read the assigned chapter and insures they understand
the content.
Content for Parents of Athletes. A chapter titled Parenting for a Season of Significance is also included in Section Three. Craig developed this exclusive content based on suggestions and ideas
from student–athletes.


  • 1 book – $24.95
  • 2-5 books – $19.95
  • 6-10 books – $19.95
  • 11-23 books – $13.95
  • 24-47 books – $9.95
  • 48+ books – $8.95
  • 48 books (box special) – $429


Bonus Offer
When you purchase the 48 books (box special) it includes an academic year membership to the new Administrator & Leader Portal ($98 VALUE).

Here’s what they are saying…

“I have been implementing Craig Hillier’s resources since 2002. The new High School Sports Leader book is one of a kind. I have never seen anything like it. The book will be the center piece of our leadership training for athletes. Our coaches are excited about training captains and leaders who may not be captains. Every school should be using this book!”
Sam Elias Athletic Director Lebanon H.S. Lebanon PA
“This is the first book to address team leaders, captains, and parents. The format is amazing. This will be an awesome resource for our athletes and their parents.”
Scott Garvis Athletic Director Newton H. S. Newton IA
“The new book is awesome! It will be used for my summer leadership class. The Certification Packet included in the book will allow me to see how well my leaders are understanding the material. Craig, thanks for creating this powerful resource. I know it will make a difference for our captains, leaders, and coaches.”
Gerry Schwille Athletic Director Northern York High School Dillsburg PA

about-authorThe book is also getting excellent reviews from the national stage. In 2015, a great TV series called Coaching Bad put coaches through an intense program to change their combative ways. It features Ray Lewis and Dr. Christian Conte. Dr. Conte, a psychologist and author on anger management and improving personal performance said this:

“This book by Craig Hillier is outstanding. Readers can feel his tremendous passion and energy in every sentence. The knowledge that he offers young people in these pages is invaluable, and I believe every aspiring leader will find this to be a pivotal book!”