Craig’s New Book old

High School Sports Leader – Coaching Team Leaders and Captains to a Season of Significance!

The book features three sections.

Section 1—Team Leader

Whether an athlete is a team leader or an official team captain, section one covers the foundation of leadership.
Section 1 will outline the ins-and-outs of leading a team to a season of significance.

Remember—there are some team leaders who are not team captains and there are some team captains who are not team leaders.


Section 2—Team Captain

Official team captains have responsibilities beyond those of team leaders. Section 2 provides specific advice to captains. Topics range from preseason discussions with coaching staff regarding expectations to communication skills for working with vendors. This section will provide essential strategiesthat will guide captains though first-time leadership experiences.

Section 3—Extra Step

The Extra Step section is designed to help athletes take the information they’ve learned and apply it to their leadership journey. A Certification Packet has been designed so students will read the content and then complete a variety of review exercises along with reflective essays. The Extra Step section is perforated so the pages can be neatly removed. This new option will allow a leader to easily present the chapter to a parent. A completed certification packet can be submitted to an athletic director or coach to validate a student has read the material and has made a strong effort to apply the information. This section also features a Parenting for a Season of Significance chapter.The content from the Extra Step section provides a great discussion platform for athletes, parents, administrators, and coaches about how positive leadership can drive a season of significance.

The book is graphically designed to engage a teen reader. By using a two-color format along with photos, visuals, graphics, and a variety of fonts, students who are not normally fond of reading will be compelled to dive into the content.

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