Up Yours – Box of 20




By Craig Hillier

This is a special discount of a box of 20 “Up Yours” books.  This special offer is great for schools and other large groups!

Lenny Labinsky is a bowling pro shop owner and coach who has a love/hate relationship with the word “average.” While he enjoys helping bowlers improve their averages, people who settle for average frustrate him. Lenny has a magical ability to subtly teach life and business lessons through his coaching sessions.

Sam Jenkins, a college senior about to graduate, personifies average. Despite having the ability to achieve more, he lacks drive and motivation. He wonders why he should push himself when “good enough” gets you by. Sam thought the Bowling Pro Shop internship would be the easiest way to check off the 40-hour “real world experience” requirement to earn a business degree. Through the ten-week internship, Sam is challenged to build his “arsenal” of bowling, business and life skills.

Whether you are just getting rolling or a seasoned veteran, the Up Yours Approach will elevate your results in life and in business!